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A deep dive with Dolphin

or, how systemd broke my file manager. TL;DR Systemd broke my file manager and I lost about 4 hours investigating it. But I suffered less than if I was using Windows. Jump to the conclusion to see why. A bit about my linux background I'm a long time linux…

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cr.h: A Simple C Hot Reload Header-only Library

Recently I've been back to hobby coding simple C stuff, and one project that I'm doing with a friend tries to simple emulate some old game. The idea is really basic, but we want to do it in the C-style without over engineering or losing track of the hobby…

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Setting Up a Rust Environment on Windows

When I talk about Rust, one question that comes the most is about tooling and debugging. Online this can be seen a lot, mainly about debugging on Windows. So I've decided to write a little guide mostly to practice my written English and bootstrap this bl…

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